Birthday Haul!

Monday, June 29, 2015

I just turned 21, as you can probably tell from some of the gifts I got, and I thought I would show you what my family got me for my birthday!
First, My sister got me the shaker and muddler, See Mix Drink, and the booze tea cup. I love them! I like the set up of the book, it gives you visuals of how much of each ingredient is in the drink to give you a visual aid of how much you are drinking, as well as the calories of every drink which is good because alcoholic drinks can add up! There was an obvious theme with these gifts!
IMG_2558 IMG_2557
IMG_2562 IMG_2563
Now for what my parents got me. The only things I wanted for my birthday was the naked 3 palette and the Hawaiian floral vans that I got.
I think I’m the last makeup fanatic to get there hands on the naked 3 palette. I was so content with my naked 1 that I didn’t feel the need to spend the money on the 3rd one. It was now time to branch out to the naked 3 palette. The pinky tones are perfect or spring and summer. I’m definitely going to be using this all summer long.

I found these vans one day when I was browsing some websites and thought they’d be the perfect summer accessory. I keep my wardrobe pretty basic and these are a good statement piece.

Next, I got Steve Madden Noble Block Sandals. I was admiring them at Macy’s a few days before my birthday and my mom ended up getting them for me. It was a nice surprise!

Lastly, I got a Bose color Soundlink. I am moving into an apartment for my last year of college and this will be perfect for when people come over (and when I listen to music in the shower).
That’s all for today. What’s one your birthday list? Tell me in the comments.
See you soon!
x Emily

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