My Freckle Faced Make-up Tips!

Friday, July 31, 2015

I have had freckles my whole life. My freckles used to be one of the big things I didn’t like about my appearance in middle school and high school. I got very self-conscious whenever someone would point them out or try to be funny and try to count them (which happened a lot!). For a short time I tried to cover them up with a lot of foundation and I looked horrible! It was so unnatural and very obvious I was wearing WAY too much foundation. Now I have embraced my freckles and they have became one of my favorite features.
Here are some of the make-up tips I have for freckle-faced people incase you are still trying to figure out how to get around your freckles!

1. Light to no foundation 
I have been blessed with naturally clear skin so I do not have many blemishes to cover-up. On most days I don’t wear any face make-up but, on the days that I have a few spots or look a little red I use a light-coverage BB or CC cream. My go-to products are the Maybelline Dream Pure BB Cream and the Stila One Step Primer (yes, I use a primer without putting foundation over it. It does a great job of evening out my skin tone!), which are light enough that freckles shine through but enough coverage to cover what you don’t want seen.

2. Keep Bronzing and blush light
Having freckles is like an instant truth detector for your face. You can’t have exaggerated contour that covers all the freckles by your cheekbone and temple or wherever else you contour because bronzers are usually the same color as your freckles and you’ll end up looking dirty. I love bronzer and contouring. I do it everyday. But, I use a lighter color than people without freckles could use, which isn’t as dramatic of a look.
Using a lighter bronzer still gives you a natural sun-kissed look with your freckles peaking through, which is more natural because I still have my freckles even if I get a natural tan! My favorite bronzer to use is Too Faced Chocolate soleil Bronzer ( shoutout to my Aunt for buying it for my off my Summer 2015 Wishlist).
You have to take the same approach as bronzer with blush. I have just recently picked up wearing blush because I hadn’t found a blush that looked good against my freckles. Most blushes are too pigmented and cover my freckles. I recently splurged and bought Benefit’s Rockateur Blush which is the perfect blush for people with freckles. It is light and natural, like the blush is sitting under the freckles instead of covering them.

3. Add color elsewhere
I am a lipstick junkie! I like to add lipstick as kind of my statement. The rest of my face is kept very neutral so a colorful lip will bring a fun element to your look! You can also add color with eye makeup to make your eyes the pop of color but I usually keep my eyes pretty neutral as well because I think that looks best on me.


idk about the face but I look super tan

I hope my freckle-faced friends enjoyed this post! And if there are any other tips you use that I didn’t mention tell me in the comments!
See you soon,
X Emily

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