Tuesday, July 21, 2015

I went to go visit my sister, who lives in Brooklyn, for the weekend and thought I’d make a blog post of everything I did and what I wore in NYC!
To start off my sister’s best friend and I took the bus from Boston to NYC on Friday and we were supposed to arrive in NYC at 5:15 and with typical NYC traffic we arrived at 7:40. My sister’s friend and I were both tired and had big headaches from the drive so we kept it very casual on Friday. We just went out for burgers at this really great place in Brooklyn called Mother’s. After dinner we went to a nearby bodega to get snacks for a movie night.
The next day we planned to cross the Brooklyn Bridge and go to the Lower East Side but it was pretty cloudy outside so we thought we would save the bridge for Sunday. Instead we went to this outside food market called Smorgasburg (but not before stopping for coffee!)  where there were a bunch of food vendors. I decided on getting a buffalo chicken burger (I love anything buffalo haha) from a booth called BossaNova and we ate by the water, after having a little photoshoot! 

||shirt: Forever 21, cardigan: New Look,  shorts: H&M, shoes: Target, purse: River Island||

After Smorgasburg we walked around to a bunch of little flea markets in the Williamsburg area before we decided it was too hot out (it was in the 90s and humid!) and went to seek out shelter in a bar. We got s few drinks at a cool little bar called the Lucky Dog that had a great back patio that was well shaded. We had a few cocktails and spent the day hanging out. 
We kept the weekend very chill and ordered in pizza and hung out at my sisters apartment instead of going out for the night since we went drinking during the day.
The next day, Sunday, turned out to be be sunny and beautiful and the hottest day of the year! We went to the Brooklyn Bridge and on our way stopped to take the typical DUMBO picture of the Manhattan Bridge. It was so hot out that we needed to stop for a cold drink on our way across the bridge so we got some lemonade at a little cart. I got strawberry lemonade and my sister and her friend got the classic lemonade and it was so satisfying in the heat! After we crossed the bridge we leisurely walked to The Smith in the East Village where we had reservations for Brunch. We got these amazing cheddar biscuits to start and I got the Sicilian Egg Bake that was so amazing ! I definitely got the best meal out of the group.  If you live in NYC or are planning on visiting you should definitely go to one of the three Smith locations.  After we hung out, out of the heat until it was time to go to the bus station!

x Emily

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