Monday, August 24, 2015

About a month ago my mom bought a chair at an antique shop for $5 because I needed a desk chair in my new apartment. We completely refurbished the chair to look new and go with the colors of my room. My room is going to be black, white, and teal so those are the colors of my chair. My mom and I went to the fabric store to find a black and white pattern that I liked, I ended up buying a black and white floral print that is very cute for about $6. and now it is time to start the chair!

Tipper's not about this chair
perfect opportunity to annoy the dogs LOL

1. Strip the chair of the old paint and stain

before painting the chair the new color I took off the old paint and stain with a stripper so my new paint will go on smooth. It took a few times to get the paint and stain all the way off.
You want to apply a thick coat of stripper and wait for the paint to bubble up before scrapping the paint off with a razor. You have to make sure to let the stripper soak into the paint and for the paint to completely bubble up to get all the paint off. Also, be careful and wear gloves because stripper is made with very powerful chemicals and will burn your skin if you get it on you.
2. Sand the chair
(Forgot to take a picture but it should look very smooth and be mostly free of stain and paint)
once you get most of the paint off you want to lightly sand the chair so you have a nice smooth surface. You want to make sure you have a fine sandpaper that won’t be too harsh on the chair. I used #150 grit sand paper.
3. Prime and paint

Now its time for the fun part! Before you put the color paint on the chair you should prime it to make sure you have something to adhere to and it will enhance the color.
I used paint and a paint brush and applied very thin layers of paint and let the paint completely dry in-between coats to make sure I didn’t have any brush strokes showing. If the color you want comes in a spray paint bottle I would suggest using spray paint but, the color I wanted to use did not come in spray paint so I just brushed it on.
4. The Cushion

Now the chair is done its time to work on the cushion. I bought a new cushion pad to put in the chair because the one that was already on the chair was pretty worn. The fabric on cushions is stapled down so I just took a the staples out with a hammer and replaced the fabric with your new fabric and staple it on with a staple gun.
5. Put the Chair back together

Now you just have to screw the cushion back onto the chair and you are ready to sit in your new stylish chair!
I hope you liked this DIY and if you want to see pictures of how the chair looks in my room I am moving in tomorrow and will post pictures of my room very soon!
See you soon!
X Emily

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