Monday, August 03, 2015

Here are some of the beauty, skincare, fashion and miscellaneous things I have been loving this July.

I have been loving this bronzer since I got it in the beginning of July. I have used it everyday and it is so much better than every other bronzer I have tried. It smells amazing (like chocolate!) and is the perfect shade of bronzer for my skin tone, it gives me a natural sun-kissed glow every day.

I just got this about a week ago and it instantly became a favorite. I was a little wary about the blush because the top of the blush is very glittery and I tend to lean towards more matte finishes. Most of the glitter brushes right off the top and the blush just has a slight shine to it. This blush gives a nice glow to my face and I absolutely love it!
Laura Mercier Liquid Lipstick in Petal Pink

I got this lipstick a while ago and it is the perfect summer pink. I am obsessed with the color, it is light and bright, but not too bright that it couldn’t be aa everyday lip color. I have incorporated this into my everyday makeup look for the summer.

I bought this back in April in London and I was obsessed with it. During my transition back home it kind of got lost among my other products and forgotten about. Early this month I found my way back to it and have worked it into my nightly routine. This stuff is amazing! It feels great on the skin and it gets every bit of makeup off, even the most stubborn mascara. The only thing about this product I am not a fan of is the smell. It has eucalyptus in it so the smell is very medicinal, but the scent doesn’t linger on your skin after washing the product away so it is easy to get over the smell.
Brooklyn Flea Market Necklaces

I got these when I went to visit my sister. I think they are so cool! the turquoise one is so bright and a nice statement piece and the grayish black one will go with any outfit. I have been wearing one of these almost every day.
I got these at the beginning of July and I love them! these are my first pair of real sunglasses (not $5 ones you get from target). I am so happy with my choice to get these as my first pair of real sunglasses because I think they are timeless and will always be in style.
Starbucks Mango Iced Green Tea
I have been trying to cut down on my coffee intake lately because I got to the point of having 3-4 cups a day and then not being able to sleep. I would be getting like 4 hours of sleep a night then filling up with coffee. I still love my coffee but I am trying to keep it to 1 cup a day and then substituting the other cups with green tea (which has some caffeine but less than coffee) and water.
Starbucks came out with a new flavor this summer, mango. Mango is one of my favorite foods so I had to try it. This drink is so refreshing! I usually get half the amount of syrup in my drink because Starbucks drinks tend to be quite sweet. Even with half the amount of the syrup the flavor still comes out and tastes amazing. If you love green tea I definitely think you should try this!
Wet Hot American Summer: First day of camp
I recently saw Wet Hot American Summer for the first time, it is hilariously stupid and is the kind of humor you either love or you hate. The Netflix TV series is the exact same way. I love that they got the whole cast to get in on the project even though quite a few of them are now big movie stars and I think its hilarious that they made it a prequel even though the whole cast are 15 years older. I am almost done with the series and I love it but it isn’t for everyone.
See you soon,
x Emily

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