Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Hello All!
Last week I placed my first order with Colour Pop Cosmetics. Color Pop has been all over the blog world this past year and they are very reasonably priced so I thought it was time to try the brand for myself. Even though my love for lip products can boarder on obsessive I noticed that I don’t have too many fall shades in my collection so I thought I would fill the void with Colour Pop.
I ended up purchasing 2 Ultra Matte Liquid Lipsticks and 2 Lippie stix. Also, when you sign up you get $5 off your first order which pays for shipping which is nice.
The shades I got are (top to bottom): Beeper (liquid lipstick), LAX (liquid lipstick), Tiger (lippie stix), Poison (lippie stix).

Overall I really like the hippie six. Poison is a perfect red for autumn and winter and is very buildable and Tiger is a great subtle berry shade for daytime fall looks. The lippie stix are very moisturizing and comfortable on your lips.
The Ultra matte liquid lipsticks were a little too matte for me though. They dried too fast which made it impossible to fix little mistakes and the applicator wasn’t good at making precise lines. Also when dry the lipstick feels like chalk on your lips and you can see every crack and dry area on my lips (which during the fall time is a lot). Most liquid lipsticks are quite dry so I was expecting it to be but this is extreme. I am going to keep playing around with the liquid lipsticks because I really like the colors so I hope the product grows on me.
Have you tried any products from Colour Pop? Tell me about your experience!
See you soon!
X Emily
P.S. those selfies though.

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