Friday, October 09, 2015

I love reading these blog posts because I love to see what people think is so important that they carry it around everywhere with them. So, I hope you are interested in seeing what I carry around on a daily basis because I’m about to show you!

Lets start off with the bag! I got the backpack from Forever21 (you can see it in the haul I posted here). I have been obsessed with this bag since I got it. I use it everyday and it holds up nice. I tend to end up with a few miscellaneous items in my bag over time and my bag can get kind of heavy and the bag holds up and I haven’t seen any wear and tear yet which is great since the bag is so inexpensive.
Then we have to basics, keys and wallet, I can’t really leave the house without them because I wouldn’t get very far! I got this wallet from Norstrom Rack and its a nice standard wallet. I prefer long wallets to the ones that fold over because I think it holds all my money and cards better, where the ones that fold tend to not work when you have a lot of stuff in them. The only downside to this wallet is when I want to switch to a small purse it won’t fit and I will just have my cards and cash free in my purse. Also on my keys I have key chains from mostly all the places I visited during my Europe travels which makes me happy when I look at them!
I like to keep a granola bar or some type of snack in my purse incase I get a little hungry and want a snack without buying something big.
I always have to have sunglasses on me. Even in the winter I hate driving without sunglasses. I have been OBSESSED with my Clubmaster RayBans since getting them in June and they are always with me!
The rest are little bits and bobs that I always have floating around my bag just in case.
I like to carry a pen around incase I need to give someone some information or go somewhere that I will have to fill out a form.
I also carry around a case of bobby pins because I about halfway through the day my hair will start to annoy me and I will want to get it out of my face. Also, the case keeps them together so I am less likely to lose them (even though about half of my case still ends up disappearing to nowhere land).
Headphones are a must for me. I have a big break in-between classes and I like to be antisocial and put headphones in while doing homework so they are always with me.
Next I like to have some hand lotion on hand. The seasons are changing and with that comes dry skin! I like to have some on hand when I feel my skin getting particularly bad so I can quickly put some on. This hand lotion from The Body Shop is definitely my favorite. I used to hate putting on lotion because it made me feel so oily and gross but this lotion doesn’t leave me feeling oily at all! I definitely recommend Body Shop lotions and particularly the olive oil scent. Some scents can be overwhelming and this scent is very subtle.
The last thing I keep in my purse is the lipstick I am wearing that day. The day I shot these photos I was wearing Colour Pop’s Poison Lippie stick. I have been obsessed with this lip shade since I got it a few weeks ago ( you can see my haul/ review here) and I think it is the perfect Autumn red.
I hope you enjoyed seeing what is in my bag. What do you have to have with you?
See you soon!
X Emily

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