Thursday, November 26, 2015

I was casually in Target the other day (as one does) and I obviously ended up in the makeup aisle where I picked up a few things, including one of Revlon’s semi-new Ultra HD Matte Lipstick in the shade Amour.

This product launched back in October and when it first launched the reviews were pretty iffy. A lot of people complained about the fact that it is not a true matte and the transfer is horrible but, Revlon is probably my all-time favorite drugstore lipstick brand so I still felt the need to try it. Also, when I was at the store and saw the shade Amour, which is a true red shade, I had to try it for the holiday season.
I thought I would break my review down into categories because there are aspects of the product I really like and aspects that I really don’t like.


I love the sleek design of the packaging. The flat tube makes it so modern and really easy to travel with, whether its fitting it into a crammed makeup bag for a weekend away or can slip into a clutch for night out touch-up.
I also love the matte frosted glass look of the casing but unfortunately that was the only matte thing about this product.

Lets talk about the fact that my skin is almost the same color as my white blanket


The color pay off with this product is INSANE! You get so much pigmentation with just one coat.


The transfer with this is horrible. The lipstick is supposed to be matte but I wouldn’t call it matte because it never fully dries, I would describe it as more of a satin finish. But because it never fully dries it transfers and moves around constantly. I wore this lipstick to lunch and after lunch when I looked in the mirror I looked like a clown with my lipstick all over my face.


This relates to my problems with transfer. Because it transfers to anything you touch all the product is gone within a few hours which is not ideal. I am not one for re-applying lipsticks multiple times a day, I will usually only re-apply once a day if not re-apply at all.

that application is horrifying


Although I do love the packaging and the color payoff of this product I wouldn’t classify those aspects to be the most important because no one wants to look like a clown after eating or have weird rims around your mouth (it isn’t a cute look).Overall, I wouldn’t recommend buying this product which is disappointing because I love Revlon lipsticks.
I hope this review was helpful if you were thinking of investing in this product.
See you soon!
X Emily
P.S. Happy Thanksgiving everyone in the U.S.

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