Saturday, December 26, 2015

I thought I would make a little post about what I got for Christmas this year, and it was a big one!
I thought it would be fun to share what I got this year for Christmas because I like reading these types of posts.

The big gift I got was a Olympus Pen e-pl7 and a 14-42mm lens! I am so pumped about this, I have been wanting a good camera for awhile now. Get ready for better quality photos!

My Grandmother got me a coloring book with a pack of colored pencils. I love the coloring book trend. I already have one that I left at school and I am happy to have one at home with me.

I got some good stocking stuffers this year. Lip balm and hand lotion are Winter essentials that are always good to have laying around. And who doesn’t love an iTunes gift card? I’m sure this will be gone by the beginning of the year.

If you have been reading my blog for awhile you probably know I went vegetarian a few months ago. I have been making the same few meals over and over again so I was very happy to get Thug Kitchen, a vegan cookbook, to test out some new recipes. I also got a spiralizer to make zoodles which I’m happy about because I tried to make zoodles with a grater once and it didn’t turn out good.

My sister got me this turtleneck sweater from The Loft that I have been admiring since she got one for herself at Thanksgiving. I will definitely get a lot of use out of the sweater this Winter.

I have been lusting after this palette since it was announced. The colors are so pretty and and I will definitely get a lot of use out of it.
Look out for some makeup looks with this in the new year.

I love subscription boxes and have been reading BirchBox unboxing posts for awhile but never committed to making a subscription so I am definitely excited to have a 3 month subscription! look out for unboxing for the next few months!

I love this mug that my mom got me. As you know, if you have been reading my blog since the beginning, I lived in London for 5 months at the beginning of the year and fell in love with the city and definitely plan on making my way back there someday soon.
I also got some mint green tea from Teavana, which is a great tea brand. I can’t wait to give this tea a try in my new mug!
What was your favorite gift you got this Christmas? Let me know in the comments! I got a lot of great gifts but I am most thankful for my new camera and I am so excited to take a lot of high quality pictures ( and maybe make a few videos?).
See you soon!
X Emily

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