Thursday, February 18, 2016

This past weekend I went to visit my sister in New York City! And of course it was the coldest weekend of the year, I'm talking single digits and feels like its in the negatives cold! Literally a few days earlier it was in the 50s and now its back to being in the high 40s. The world just hates me I guess.

This OOTD is more just showing what people in the Northeast wear in real winter weather. It is not the most fashionable post I've ever done. There are a lot of layers. A lot.

Hat: Primark || Scarf 1: Primark || Scarf 2: TopShop || Coat: DKNY (old)
 Jeans: Macy's || Leggings (under jeans): Pink || Boots: Audrey Brooke (old) || Purse: River Island

Here are some other shots from the trip:

I hoped you liked this little post! Were you in the Northeast for this freezing weekend?

See you soon!
x Emily

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