Thursday, March 03, 2016

This month's favorites is a little short.This month has been a slow one for me. I feel like I haven't found a lot of new products that I'm in love with, I've just been continuing to use all the products I loved in January.

BUT I do have a few favorites that I want to talk about so I thought I would make this post anyway.


I love matte lipsticks and I was really excited to try out a vegan makeup product so I was very excited  to place an order for this earlier this year, And it didn't disappoint me! I will say that the color looks different online then in real life but I actually liked this lilac-y color more. I have worn this product a lot over the past month and will definitely conitue to wear it into March. I feel like this color is a good Winter to Spring transition color. You can find my full review on this product here.

NYX soft matte lip cream
Another lipstick! I've been really into lip products recently. I feel like this is a product that has been talked about for a longtime now in the beauty blogger world but I am just now jumping on the bandwagon. But OMG are these lipsticks great! The finish and consistency and just everything about the application is amazing. I only have 2 colors right now but I will definitely be adding to my collection because at $6 you can't go wrong!
B&B Don't Blow it
I have been using this in my hair every time I wash. I'm literally obsessed with it, its became a staple in my routine. I did a full review of it early this month which you can read here.


This is a new HBO series this is about a record label in New York in the 1970s. There is only about 3 episodes so far but I am already completely hooked! The acting is great, I love the plot, and the production on this show is amazing. It is everything you expect from an HBO show. Everyone show got have a watch because you won't regret it.

7 Years
This song has been on repeat this past month. It is just so catchy and I feel like I can jam out to this song.

Never Forget You
Literally when I'm not listening to 7 Years I'm listening to this song. It just puts me in a good mood.

What are some of your favorites this month?

See you soon!
x Emily

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