Tuesday, March 15, 2016

This is not the post I was planning on putting up today but I have been so busy lately with traveling for spring break and getting back into the groove of school that the blog has been taking a little bit of a back seat :( and I had this tag in my drafts so I thought I would share my answers with you.


blush or bronzer?
A few months ago I probably would have said bronzer but I've been all about the blush lately.
lip gloss or lipstick?
Lip stick. I don’t use lip gloss that often because I don't like the sticky consistency.
eyeliner or mascara?
Mascara. Sometimes its the only makeup I wear.
foundation or concealer?
Concealer. I don't wear foundation.
neutral or color eye shadow?
Neutral eye shadow. I sometimes add some purples or blushed shades that complement my green eyes.
brushes or sponges?
I never fully got on the sponge bandwagon so brushes all the way!


OPI or china glaze?
OPI but I usually go for Essie, I don’t own any china glaze nail polishes.
long or short?
Short! I hate when my nails get too much longer than the pads of my fingers.
brights or darks?
darks. I don't like how brights look on my skin tone.
flower or no flower?
no flower. Not a fan.


perfume or body splash?
Perfume. I don't think I've used a body splash since I was in High School.
lotion or body butter?
Honestly, I don’t really use either, but I do own a Body Shop body butter and I like it so I guess that.
body wash or soap?
Body wash. Soap leaves my skin feeling tight and feeling waxy.
lush or other bath company?
I love Lush but I also use a lot of drug store products.


jeans or sweat pants?
Jeans. Unless leggings are included with sweat pants then leggings.
long sleeve or short sleeve?
Short sleeve because you can layer them and be warm or take off layers and be cool.
dresses or skirts?
It really depends on my mood but I've been getting really into skirts lately though.
stripes or plaid?
Plaid. I wear too many flannels, I have a problem.
flip flops or sandals?
Flip flops. I feel like sandals fall off my feet.
scarves or hats?
Hats! I love hats.
studs or dangly earrings?
Fun Fact: My ears aren't pierced.
bracelets or necklaces?
heels or flats?
You don't want to see me walk in heels, its not pretty, so flats.
cowboy boots or riding boots?
Riding boots are one of my loves <3.
jacket or hoodie?
forever 21 or charlotte russe?
Forever 21, I feel like e Charlotte Russe is for a younger crowd.
abercrombie or hollister?
Never shopped at either and I'm not a fan of either brand to be honest.
saks 5th or nordstorm?
I've never been to Saks and I love Nordstrom's junior sections, so Nordstrom.


curly or straight?
bun or ponytail?
Messy buns!
bobby pins or butterfly or clips?
Bobby pins. Keep it classic.
hair spray or hair gel?
Hair Spray. Hair gel is gross.
long or short?
Long, I've had both and I don't like my hair short.
light or dark?
Dark. I've been blonde and I looked hideous.
up or down?
down. but I do wear it up a lot of the time also.


rain or shine?
I love a rainy day but I have to go with shine :).
summer or winter?
Usually Winter. But right now I'm ready for a little bit of Summer.
Fall or Spring?
Fall. It's my all time favorite season!
Chocolate or vanilla?
Vanilla. Always.
East coast or west coast?
I live on the east coast, and I love it here but I do want to see the west coast, like San Fransisco and Seattle.
See you soon!
x Emily

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