Thursday, April 07, 2016

I recently was sent the Devonne by Demi kit to try and I was super excited about it! Devonne by Demi is a skincare line that was created by Demi Lovato and that is natural and free of parabens and sulfates, which is always a plus in my book. I'm always wary about celebrate lines because they aren't always the highest quality products but Demi's line looks like good quality.

I don't really have an intense skincare routine, like people with problem skin. I usually just wash my face with a basic face wash from Lush or the drug store, my go-to is Lush's Angels on bare skin, and go about my business so this whole routine is a whole new ballgame for me. Overall, I have pretty normal skin and haven't had a lot of acne and my skin doesn't get too oily (except for you know that time of the month 😜), I get a pimple here and there but never fully break out so this review won't be based on how it works against acne but more on if it will unclog my pores, smooth out, and brighten my skin.

Now that you know all about my skin type lets move on to the review!

These products are meant to be used one after the other starting with the Cleanser then the mist and ending with the Primer, so that is exactly how I used them!

Deep Facial Cleanser

The cleanser is described as "ultra-calming to help sweep away makeup, dirt, and oil without stripping skin of its natural oils". I REALLY like this cleanser. It might be one of the best ones I've tried. A lot of cleaners I've tried left my skin feeling tight and dry but this cleanser made my skin feel clean and soft. And to top it off the product smells amaze 👌. I would definitely suggest this product, it is hands down my favorite in the kit and I am totally going to continue using it!

Hydrating Radiance Mist

The mist is described as "a multi-functional treatment that helps boost moisture, fade the look of imperfections, increase brightness, and promote radiant skin". I'm not gonna lie I still have no idea what this really does. I think my skin might look brighter? Maybe? What I do know is that is once again smells amazing and it definitely isn't hurting my skin so no harm no foul. 

3-in-1 Moisturizing Primer

The primer is described as "a lightweight formula [that] delivers a healthy boost of moisture while helping promote clear skin". The primer is a hit and miss for me. I think is really helps my skin feel smooth and I like the overall affect it has on my skin. BUT a little bit goes a LONG WAY. I have yet to master the right amount to use, I use the tiniest bit of product and I feel like I put sooo much on.

Clarifying Mud Masque

This wasn't my favorite product. I didn't love it, I didn't hate it there was nothing necessarily special about the product. It was like every other mud mask out there, in fact I know there are better ones out there.

Overall, I think Devonne by Demi has some great products, like the cleanser, and some products that aren't so amazing, like the mud masque.

Have you tried Devonne by Demi? What did you think?
If ya want more info you can go to their website here.

See you soon!
x Emily

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