Friday, June 24, 2016

Hello Lovelies!

Today I wanted to share my brow routine with you all! I don't have a really in-depth eyebrow routine like some other beauty bloggers do but I feel like I have a very realistic routine that consists of both high end and drug store products.

The first part of my routine is to pluck my eyebrows about every other week depending on how bad they get. I have never waxed my eyebrows before because I'm terrified that they are going to wax off my whole eyebrow and I will look stupid, hello control issues (jk jk). I tend to use the general rule to always pluck under the brow bone and not touch the natural arch.

Now onto the day to day, I am not a girl that uses a pencil then a powder then a gel, I use 1 product. I used to use ABH pomade on the daily but I recently dyed my hair pretty dark and my pomade no longer matches my hair color so I moved onto the ABH Brow Wiz which I had in a darker color from the last time i dyed my hair dark and I have to say the brow wiz stole my heart. I love that it has a spoolie attached to it which makes taming the brows a lot easier. The brow wiz also gives a subtler look than the pomade which is more heavy. I still love my pomade and think it is great for night time or brow prominent makeup looks but the brow wiz is better for day to day looks.

I recently ran out of my ABH brow wiz, which was very upsetting, and as a recent grad with no job I decided to give a drugstore brand a whirl. I went with the Maybelline Brow define and fill duo in Dark Brown and I only use the pencil side, the powder side just doesn't look good on me. The drugstore brand isn't too shabby, but it doesn't really compare to ABH brow whiz :/, I think it would be a great product for people starting to experiment with their brows.

I usually start by outlining my arch and the ends of my brows because that is where my natural brows are really light and not very noticeable. I then go and fill in a few bare patches in my brows and go in lightly in the inside of my brows because I feel like when you go heavy on the inside of your brows thats when they look obviously drawn on. I then take the spoolie end on my empty brow wiz and use that to brush out my brows ( I lost my spoolie brush a few months ago and I'm too cheap to buy a new one 😂). And that is it for my Brow Routine!

What brow products do you use? let me know in the comments!

See you soon!
x Emily

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