Sunday, July 31, 2016


Earlier this week, Tuesday to be exact, ColourPop not only restocked their Metallic lips but also added 4 new ones! And I was all over that, if you've been around for a little bit you know this isn't my first ColourPop haul (see other here)! I was sitting on my computer waiting for the time to change, which was probably obsessive because they haven't sold out, except for JIC so I'm glad I grabbed that. I ended up picking up JIC, Salt, Man-eater, London Fog, and Prim

Honestly I am so impressed with Colourpop because I ordered on Tuesday and I had my products in my hand on Friday, not to mention shipping is free if you live in the U.S.! I also love that they add cute handwritten notes in the packages, it is a great personal touch.

I bet all of you know what the packaging looks like by now! its basic but does the job just great! I also love the new fluffy applicator, I think it does a great job of apply a good amount of product evenly.


Now getting into the good stuff! lets start out with the metallics!

Metallic Lips

     JIC: I absolutely adore this lipstick! I think this color complements my skin color and lips quite well. It was very easy to apply and offers a great color pay off, the one thing I will say is this color is more glittery than a true metallic.

     Salt: Salt is definitely more metallic than JIC and a great true gold color. I think this color would look great with a warm toned eye look on a night out!

     Man-eater: Man-eater is very similar to Salt just slighting darker. They look very different swatched on the arm but on the lips I feel like they look very similar. I also wish I had a lip liner in a similar color to help clean it up.

Satin Lips

Hello over drawn bottom lip lol

     London Fog: This is honestly my new all time favorite red. It is so bright and amazing and I will definitely be rocking this a lot around Christmas time (yes I am aware its July but its never too early to get excited for Xmas!) The color payoff is everything! I apply one coat and I'm good to go!

     Prim: Holy wow is this dark! once again its one coat and I'm good to go so the pigment is amazing! The one thing with the pigment thats kinda annoying is you definitely need a lip liner for the lipstick to actually look good and not a mess (as you can see in the pic mines a hotmess)


Metallic Lips:
The consistency of these are really interesting. It feels mousse-y and cushion-y. It is super comfortable and doesn't feel drying like you would think glittery lips would.

Satin Lips:
I like that these are less drying on the lips than the UML but when I rub my lips together I feel quite I bit of movement that probably ends up all over my face.


Metallic Lips:
I'm super impressed with the lastibility of these! There is barely any transfer or anything. But getting taking these off is frankly a bitch! Especially JIC I ended up with glitter somehow all over my face. literally everywhere.

Satin Lips:
I wore London Fog for like 5 hours where I drank and ate and after all that it still didn't look like I needed to reapply which I was pretty happy about. But every though it didn't look like I needed to reapply I did have smudges around my mouth that needed cleaning up and if anyone saw me it prob looked like I downed some fruit punch and left it to stain my face lol.

Overall I am obsessed with all of these products and will definitely get a lot of use out of these in the next few months! Have you got your hands of any metallic lips or other Colourpop product? what do you think of them?

See you soon!
x Emily

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