Friday, July 22, 2016


Today I wanted to share my morning routine with you. Currently I have a pretty free schedule so this isn't a typical getting ready for work kind of morning routine.

8-9 AM: Wake Up
Lately I have been waking up around 8:30-9 AM which is early compared to getting up at 10:30-11 a few weeks ago. My dogs usually wander into my room from my parents room around 7:30 so when I wake up I like to have a nice snuggle with them while scrolling through social media on my phone.

9:30 AM: Get Up
I finally roll out of bed around 9:30 and start getting ready for the day. I don't have a big morning skin care routine, my skin isn't really fussy and doesn't really take a lot of upkeep so I don't feel the need to do a lot to it because I'm scared it will make me oily. I usually simply slash some water on my face and brush my teeth before stating in on my makeup.

9:45 AM: Getting Ready
Before getting started on my makeup I usually drag my pup Tip out of bed so I can put her and Mulder outside while I do my makeup. I don't do my makeup everyday, obviously because I don't think I know a single woman that does her makeup everyday, but lately when I do my makeup I've really been going for it which is different because I never used to wear a lot of makeup in the Summer. I just posted a makeup look that is basically what I've been wearing for the past month, which you can read here.

10-10:15 AM: Out the Door
I wrap up my morning by going to my favorite independent coffee shop most to get me out of the house. I usually get an iced ginger latte (which is amazing btw) and sometimes get a small breakfast (their chia pudding is da bomb). While I'm at the cafe I either work on writing blog posts or applying to jobs or both depending on how long I stay there.

I hope you liked my morning routine I like to keep it realistic. What's your morning routine like?

See you soon!
x Emily

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