Friday, July 29, 2016

Hello Beauty Babes!

This week I ran out of contacts and my eye appointment isn't until next week... which brings us to today's post, my glasses makeup look! Wearing makeup with glasses can sometimes feel pointless to be honest, it doesn't always look good. I started wearing glasses in 7th grade and didn't get contacts until I think 9th grade. Those were also the years I started to kinda wear makeup, so overall those were some rough years haha. But at the age of 22 with 10+ years of glasses wearing I feel like I have enough knowledge to drop some wisdom on you.

This is obvious, its a glasses look so of course the emphasis is on the eyes its the place everyone will focus on! When wearing glasses I usually only use 1 eyeshadow color which is a bright shimmery highlight color all over the lid today I used Pop from the UDxGwen palette. I added a little more to the look by taking the Urban Decay eye pencil in Whiskey, which is a dark brown that complements my green/blue eyes perfectly, and putting it all along my waterline. Then I apply mascara to my top lashes and leave my bottom ones blank because we don't want our eyes looking too dark especially near the frames of the glasses. And I obviously also used concealer to hide my under-eye circles and to brighten up my eyes.

I think a lot of people forget about the brows because they can't be seen over the frames but the brows frame the face and when you wear glasses they frame the frames. The brows make or break the look to be honest, they need to be the most on point part of your look. And you guys probably know what I'm going to say now but I use the ABH pomade for this look because you want them BOLD.

With such a simple eye you can really get creative with the lip. This is where I have fun. Think reds, berries, bright pinks, oranges?! Today I went for Rimmel by Kate in #11.

I hate wearing glasses because you can tell one of my eyebrows is higher than the other!

Do you wear glasses? Doyon have any makeup tips for me? I'm always looking for more!

See you soon!
x Emily

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