Monday, July 04, 2016

Hello All and Happy 4th of July!

Honestly this post was supposed to go up yesterday but I got so caught up in the festivities and going to see fireworks that I didn't post it in time BUT its being posted now so ENJOY!

|| Shirt: TJ Maxx ( Como Vintage brand) || Skirt: Primark ||
|| Hat: Red Sox (DUH!) || Shoes: Converse || Bag: River Island (last year) ||  

How is you long weekend treating you? I always love 4th of July, especially when it lands around a weekend, I feel like it is the first real indicator of Summer, at least for me I feel like you can't get more Summer than 4th of July! And there's nothing more patriotic (at least to a Bostonian) than going to a Red Sox game the day before! I wanted my game day outfit to be both patriotic and support my team, which isn't too hard when the team's colors are red and white lol.

We managed to get dugout tickets which was 😍 (thanks for the hookup mom!) and it was like nothing I've ever experience! I've obviously been to Red Sox games my whole life but they've always been seats a lot farther up (and a few times behind a pole lol) so this was a real treat, I mean we had a waitress. A WAITRESS. At a baseball game. It was just a really great day that finished with fireworks at Gillette. I'm basically the MVP Bostonian today, started at one stadium ended at another!

I hope you liked this outfit/ general ramble post! What are your plans for today? I'm getting ready to have people come over and lounge by the pool!

I hope everyone in the US has a great 4th and everyone outside of the US has a good Monday!

See you soon!
x Emily

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