Friday, August 19, 2016

The beauty world right now is loving all the beauty masks. I see Glam Glow, Kehil's, Fresh, and Origin everywhere. But those are expensive. And I'm broke. SO today, I'm going to review Sephora brand face masks for all you girls out there who are like me and can only afford a $6 face mask.  Today I have 2 masks to try, a pearl eye mask and an avocado face mask.

Eye Mask

I was really excited to try this mask because I am very self-conscious about my under eye circles. Because I am on the pale side dark under eyes are more prominent on me and a lot of the time show through even my most full coverage concealer ( If any of my pale pals have a concealer suggestion I'm all ears!) so I'm constantly looking for ways to reduce the under eye (have I said under eye enough yet?! lol).  Anyway onto the actual product.

SO I got the Sephora Pearl Eye Mask that is meant to Brighten and Perfect. When I first put it on it was so cold! I'm not 100% sure if it was the mask or because my house is currently an igloo. And to be honest I put it on wrong the first time and it took a second to figure out what to do haha, I definitely noticed a brightening effect but it was more on the apple of my cheeks then my under eyes but I put it as far up under my eyes as I could without it being on my eyes. I want to try this product again because I think it has great potential if I figure out.

Face Mask

I have never used this type of mask before, I always use the type that you apply to the skin and wash off. I didn't know what to expect from this mask but the fact that it is avocado made me excited because ya know avos.

I got the Sephora Avocado Face Mask that is meant to nourish and repair. First things first, I legit look terrifying, I look like I have the Michael Myers mask on. Second thing, this smells horrible. Its a very fake floral perfume-y smell thats an instant put-off. It smells nothing like delicious avocado.  The directions say that you don't have to wash your face and to just rub in the excess product. That doesn't really work for me, My skin feels sticky and uncomfortable. And to round things up I don't think the mask did anything for my skin. It just looks the same.

Overall, I think the eye mask has a lot of potential and I definitely will repurchase this to try it again. I liked the feeling it had on my skin even if it doesn't fix my under eye. The Avocado mask is the exact opposite from the eye mask. I hate it. I can still smell the fake perfume smell and I really want to go scrub my face. It was a pretty disappointing product for me.

Have you tried Sephora face masks? what do you think of them?

See you soon!
x Emily

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