Monday, September 05, 2016

I've always been someone that uses an agenda. All through school I needed an agenda to plan out my school work and different activities. I'm quite the procrastinator and I find that writing down what I need to do for when is more organized and I'm not rushing to finish an assignment hours before its due.

Now that I'm out of school I mostly use my planner for planning my blog and personal things like when I work and if I have plans with friends.


I like to plan my content weekly, so every Sunday I sit down and decide which posts I am going to write that week. I used to try to plan out  my posts monthly but it was so disorganized and I crossed things out and moved things around constantly that I decided to change my method. Going weekly has allowed me to be more flexible and let me write what I want to write instead of feeling like I need to post what I planned a month ago. Instead of just writing my ideas on days in the month I have a separate notebook where I write down all the blog post ideas I have that I can pick from every week.

Monthly Overview:

I like to write which posts I'm planning in the monthly view as an overview so I can keep track of how many posts I'm posting a month and things like that.

Weekly Overview:

In the weekly view I go into more detail about what will be happening during the week. On days when I'm posting I make a little check list to complete before and after I post a blog post, Which keeps me on track so I know exactly what I need to do so my post goes up on time. 

How do you plan?

See you soon!
x Emily

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