Friday, September 09, 2016

I recently saw this Nars Audacious lipstick in Vera on an Instagram post from Just a Blush and it looked like an amazing Fall lip color and I've never tried any products from Nars so I thought this would a good introduction to the brand. 

Vera is an amazing deep raspberry color. It is a great Summer to Fall transition color and Fall daytime color. Its bright enough that its not a dark lip but dark enough to know the season's changing, if you catch my drift.


Nars' packaging is the greatest. I love a good ol' sleek black package. Plus the lid is magnetized so when you close the lipstick you know its closed and it won't ruin your purse or the VERY EXPENSIVE lipstick. Overall, I'll give it an A++ for packaging.


This lipstick is marketed as an "one-stroke, full coverage creamy wear" lipstick which I was doubtful of because I have never applied lipstick with one stroke. But, they're telling the truth (kinda)! I achieved a completely opaque look with about 1.5 applications and the pigmentation is to die for! Overall, I'll give it an A for application.


The lipstick is pretty long lasting, I wore it to work the other day and when I went on my lunch break around noon and it was holding up pretty good, just a little faded and by the time I left at 4 my lips were just tinted pink. The last-ability isn't the worst and probably isn't the best I have in my collection, It definitely isn't transfer-proof though. Overall, I'll give it an B+ for last-ability.


I'm pretty impressed with the Nars Audacious Lipstick. It feels moisturizing on the lips and has great pigment. There's only two negatives I have for this lipstick. First, there is a very gross, chemical taste. I have never noticed any lipstick having any taste before so this was a big put-off for me. Second, is the price. I think this is an amazing lipstick but I also know that I can find a comparable lipstick for a lot less.

Have you tired Nars Audacious Lipsticks? Or do you have any Nars products that I should try next?

See you soon!
x Emily


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