Sunday, October 09, 2016

1. Urban Decay Ultimate Basics
2. Drifter Sherpa
3. Sweater Dress
4. Emerald Lipstick
5. Suede moto jacket
6. Ray Ban round mirrored glasses
7. Suede skirts
8. Over the knee boots
9. ABH Contour kit

I have been building my wish list for the past few weeks and I know there is a very good chance a few of these items will end up in a haul soon (i'm looking at you ultimate basics). And like how am I 22 and still don't own a nice sweater dress? thats like a staple. I'm not sure about the over the knee boots, I love the look but I don't know if the look will love me but I definitely want to try some out in a store soon. And emerald green lipstick I don't know where my want came from but I just plain old want it.

What's on your wishlist for Fall 2016?

See you soon!
x Emily

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