Sunday, October 16, 2016

Hello all you lovely people,

What even is Autumn if it doesn't include a trip to Bath and Body Works to pick up some candles? Autumn / Winter is my favorite time to buy candles, really its the only time I buy candles because I'm definitely not burning candles in the middle of summer. This year I stepped away from my usual suspects and bought a few new scents.

The first scent I instantly gravitated towards was Black Cherry Merlot. Its a nice clean scent that basically smells like mulled wine (shocker since merlot is wine) and is deliciously Fall but it is also an all year round candle and would definitely be a great scent to burn in the kitchen.

The second scent I gravitated towards was spiced pomegranate cider. I have quite a theme going because this candle also smells (legit almost wrote tastes) like mulled wine. I love burning this I'm my bedroom on a cozy Sunday morning.

The next dandle I had to grab was my all time favorite Autumn candle. I don't really know what it is about this candle that makes it smell so spot on to Fall besides apples but it literally just smells like Fall. This is the candle I always gravitate towards when I don't know what I want to burn because it never lets me down. I like that its a very clean scent because I feel like a lot of Fall scents are very sweet and this isn't.

The last candle I got was Pumpkin Pecan Waffles. I'm not one that usually gets sweet candles but there was a promotion on Bath and Body Work's website where I got a free pumpkin pecan waffle candle with any purchase so I thought why not? Honestly, I hate it so much. It is such a overwhelming scent, you don't have to even burn the candle for it to permeate a whole floor. I would never buy this again and I honestly won't even burn it all the way down but OH WELL! you win some you lose some!

Whats your favorite BBW candle?

see you soon!
x Emily

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