Saturday, October 29, 2016

Hey Guys!

You may know that I went to NYC this past weekend (but you probably don’t since I took a social media break and just enjoyed my weekend with my sister). While I was there my sister and I went to Bite Beauty Lab to make our own lipsticks. I was so excited about this since I’m kind of a lipstick addict (I literally have 20 posts dedicated to lipstick!) and the thought of designing my own lipstick is a dream! I honestly wasn’t planning on posting this and didn’t take many photos of the process but the experience was so amazing I felt like I had to share with everyone!

From start to finish the experience was amazing! All of the staff was very friendly and knew what they were doing and answered my annoying questions about their job with a smile lol. When we sat down at our station there was a table filled with various pigments that ranged from black to blue to yellow and every shade in between. I went in with the intent of getting a little crazy and making an emerald lipstick, I know… emerald. But we started off with the basics since the darker colors have a chance of staining your lips so I asked for a nude first.

Like a lot of people, I struggle finding a nude lipstick that suite my skin tone. What I loved about this process is that the makeup artist is so knowledgeable about tones and colors and all that jazz that she took one look at my face and lips and created an AMAZING nude for me!

After we finished up with the nudes it was time to move on to the fun colors! I started with trying to make a green color. The first green was more of an army green color that looked pretty deac. on me but I thought go big or go home so we went full on green and it turns out bright green makes you look like a lizard person. Who would have thought? (Everyone.) After the green flopped, my sister suggested purple since my eyes are a green/blue and I don’t mean to toot my own horn but I look pretty damn good in purple lipstick.

I ended up deciding to make the nude shade after a long spout of indecisiveness on whether I should buy the purple. My makeup artist really helped me out by stating the point that she could list off 10 great purple lipsticks I could purchase in Sephora but it is really hard to find a nude color that suites you. But I did leave the purple on for the day so I was walking around NYC with purple lips at 11 AM lol.

The process of making the lipstick was also super interesting. You got to pick your finish and scent, completely customized from start to finish. I ended up picking a matte finish, the cream was too wet and felt more like a shine and the matte felt more like a cream. You also got to pick a scent and there were 6 base scents and you could choose up to 2 scents for you lipstick so there are endless combinations! I ended up choosing citrus mango <3.

The price was $45 for 1 lipstick and $60 for 2 so I decided to bite the bullet and get 2 since it’s a color I could wear every day and it was only $15 for the second one! I think $45 dollars is a super deal since lipsticks can get pretty expensive and it wasn’t just about the lipstick but the experience.

If you are planning a trip to NYC, I think this would be a great activity for a girls trip or bachelorette party or just as something fun and different to do! Have you ever been to Bite Beauty Lab? What was your experience and what color did you make?

See you soon!

X Emily

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