Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Hey guys!

If you keep up with my blog you probably know I semi-recently started temping. I published a blog post about the 5 skills a retail job teaches you a few weeks ago and wanted to continue share my (very limited) career advice! I've been temping for almost 2 months now and I have observed some positives and negatives of temp work. So lets get right into it!  I want to start with the cons so we end on a high note!


  • NOT IN FIELD: Yes, you get office experience, which is always helpful but you don't get key industry experience and if you are just starting your career getting experience in your field is key.
  • SLOW PACED: Let's get real about what temp work is, its the work thats most other people don't want to do and there isn't that much of it. At least in my experience, there's a lot of being bored.


  • SHORT TERM: Having short term work can be a little nerve-racking since you don't have a secure, long-term income. But, short-term can also be a good opportunity for you to build your resume, fill in time gaps and gain valuable office experience.


  • UNEXPECTED SKILLS: Temping gives you the chance to develop office skills. An example of this is: talking on the phone. Like many people my age, I absolutely hate talking on the phone and it turns out I do a lot of that in my temp roll, which was very nerve-racking the first few days but now I'm a pro at answering the phone without fear. I also have become very very good at excel (I already thought I was pretty good but you can always learn more!) which you need in any business, it doesn't matter what your function is.
  • TRY NEW THINGS: Temping is a great option for someone that doesn't know exactly what field they want to go into because you can try out industries you've never considered before. And even if you discover you're not into the industry you can learn different ways to think and apply it to your next opportunity. 
  • MONEY: I mean, as a recent grad I could use some money and temping gives me an income as I look for a permanent position.
Have you ever temped?

See you soon!
x Emily

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