Sunday, November 06, 2016

Hello Everybody!

How are you doing today? ya good? ya not good? let me know!

I have seen so many "my week in..." posting including weeks in food, outfits, makeup, hair. Well, I decided I want to make a week in workouts post. I've been making an effort to exercise more and I even signed up a service called Class Pass that allows you to pay for a certain number of classes per month (depending on how often you want to workout) and you can take any class you want at a studio that is affiliated with the service. They have a wide range of classes offered and even have  gyms on the where you can just go and workout and not do a class. I hope that doing posts like this and using Class Pass will motivate me to work out more because I definitely need to!

So now onto my week!

Monday: I went to Cyc, a spinning studio that has locations across the US, and took a Cyc Lean class that's a full cardio spinning class that doesn't do any arm workouts like a classic Cyc class would. Spin is my favorite workout currently, I go to Cyc or Flywheel at least once a week. I always feel pumped up when I go into a class and even after a class and its pretty hard for me to get motivated to workout.

Tuesday: NOTHING! My legs needed a rest after that spin class!

Wednesday: I decided to use Class Pass to try something new and I signed up for a pilates class that uses a megaformer machine to help you get a better workout. I honestly didn't like this class because I found the machine kinda intimidating and hard to use but its Sunday and my abs she hurt so it obviously did some good!

Thursday: I took a 1.5 mile walk around Boston after work.

Friday: I took a 2 mile walk around Boston after work.

Saturday: I decided to try a new spinning studio called CycleBar outside of the city, closer to where I live. This honestly wasn't the best spin class I've done but I'm gonna chalk it up to Saturday laziness and give the studio another try next week!

Sunday: NOTHING! Sundays are for laying in bed and movies :) oh and blogging of course!

What's your favorite way to workout? let me know in the comments!

See you soon!
x Emily

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