Friday, December 09, 2016

Hey guys!

today for blogmas I want to share some great cocktail ideas to get you in a festive mood whether its for a holiday party or just at dinner with your family or friends! Because lets get real the best part of holiday parties is the alcohol (Jokes!) (but not really).

Pomegranate Mule

If you follow me on Instagram or saw my favorite summer drink post you already know about my love of moscow mules (and anything with ginger in it in general :)). I knew I wanted to include a mule in my post because they're the dirnk I always go to when I see it on the menu out or when I decide to make a drink at home.

1 part Vodka (I prefer Tito's)
1 part pomegranate juice
2 parts ginger beer
Fill with ice
Garnish with lime


I made a whole post about making glogg last year so of course I needed to add Glogg to this post! And I mean glogg is mulled wine. What's more festive than mulled wine? nothing. The answer is nothing.

Cranberry Mojito

Like most girls out there I love a good mojito! And I mean if you add cranberry to anything its festive right? That's my thought process at least haha. this turned out a lot better than I thought it would! The cranberry and mint complement each other really well.

1 part spiced rum
2 parts cranberry juice
Fill with ice
Garnish with lime

1. Take a few mint leaves and a small amount of juice and muddle the mint with the juice to release the mint flavor.
2. Add the rum and the rest of the cranberry juice.
3. Pour over ice.

Old Fashion

I'm honestly not a bourbon gal and I actually find this drink disgusting but both my sister and my mom LOVE this drink. We made this recipe (taken from Knob Creek) last year and my mom and sister were talking about making it again at Thanksgiving so I thought it would be good to add to the list because I know a lot of people drink bourbon.

1 park Bourbon
1/2 part amaretto
1/4 part simple syrup
3 dashes of bitters
Orange peel
Serve over ice

Salted Caramel Bailey's Hot Chocolate

This is another favorite of mine! This drink is so so tasty and great for warming up after coming in from the cold. My dad found Salted Caramel Baileys at the store and once I saw it I knew I had to make some hot chocolate with it.Honestly go out and buy salted caramel baileys right now! I mean it. its delicious all by itself.

1.Make hot chocolate (I used Swiss Miss instant hot chocolate because I have no shame)
2. Pour in a shot (or more if you're feeling cheeky) of baileys and mix together.
3. Drink it up!

Those are my festive cocktail picks this season! I honestly love all of these drinks and will definitely be sipping on these in the next few weeks (except the bourbon drink cause its gross but whatever floats your boat man).

What are your favorite cocktails this year?

See you soon!
x Emily

P.S. I love all the drinks but my first choice will ALWAYS be a mule :)

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