Monday, August 07, 2017

So I'm a little over a year out of College and I have yet to land a full-time position (cue ugly crying now) besides some temp work. So, basically I'm an expert at job searching, or ya know... NOT since I still don't have a job (cue more ugly crying). Anyway, moving on, Today I wanted to share my top 5 websites I use during my job search and what I use them for.


LinkedIn is my go-to job search site. LinkedIn is probably the biggest job networking site out there right now and they make it very easy to filter your results for the exact job you are looking for, which helps cut down on the number of descriptions you read that you are completely unqualified for.


I use Glassdoor as more of an interview resource. After I set up an interview I will go on Glassdoor and look at the company reviews to learn more about the company culture, professionalism, and compensation to ensure this is a company I would like to pursue. I also use the site to look at interview reviews to prepare answers for some possible questions I could be asked.


Indeed is another job board I search on. While my preference is still LinkedIn, there are companies who use Indeed as their main recruiting site so it helps me find jobs I may have missed using just LinkedIn. Indeed also has an option for "quick apply" where you upload your resume and fill out some information once and then you only have to hit submit on a job you want to apply to which helps cut down on tedious applications.


The Muse is yet another job board but I don't use the site as a job board. They mostly cater to tech jobs which is not a field I'm looking for, personally. Besides being a job board they also have a whole section dedicated to career advice. I will often scroll through their articles to stay up-to-date with the job trends, different ways to help me stand out as a candidate, as well as, interview advice because you can always improve!


Currently, I feel like many companies are turning towards contractors instead of full time employees. Going for temporary jobs can be a great way to build up experience and keep gaps in your resume to a minimum. Contract positions also pay very competitively but often lack benefits so take that into consideration when looking into those types of roles.

Those are the top websites I use during my job search! Are there any sites you use that I didn't mention here? let me know down below!

I hope this helped you in your job search!

See you soon!
x Emily

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