Tuesday, February 13, 2018

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Hello guys!

I've done a few career related posts (2) in the past and now I wanted to talk about dressing business casual (which I feel like is the new professional).

Its so hard as a young adult to get your professional wardrobe sorted out. I used to think business attire was boring, just a lot of black and navy skirts and blazers, but you can actually show a lot of style while remaining professional especially with the surge of #girlboss in the past few years.

|| Blazer: Forever 21 || Pants: American Eagle || Shirt: Target || Shoes: Madden Girl ||
I love pairing black jeans with blazers, its a nice mix of menswear and femineity. I found this Blazer at Forever 21 that was surprisingly decent quality and the exact pattern I was looking for. Forever 21 can be a great place to get some pieces for cheap if you put in the work to search the ENTIRE store (I wouldn't order things online because you never know the quality based on the pictures). Business clothing can get expensive so I try to find pieces that work wherever I can.

Here are some of my top stores to look at when I'm searching for updated office wear.


H&M- They have really been stepping up their game the past few years in every aspect but their contemporary line has so many fashionable, office appropriate finds.

Target- Another store that has really stepped up their game (the cami I'm wearing is from A New Day). With the new additions of Who What Wear and A New Day  they really ramped up the ready to wear section that I used to think was kind of low quality and not fashion forward.

Loft- Loft is a store that I thought was for old people a few years ago *insert laugh-crying emoji here* but now its a great place to grab a few statement pieces for your wardrobe. They always have a fun variety of colors and patterns to bring life to your wardrobe.

Macy's- Macy's is a great place to pick you key, classic business pieces (I believe I called them boring a minute ago lol) for a reasonable price. Its great to have staples to mix and match ket pieces with.

Where do you shop for your workwear?

See you soon!
x Emily

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